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Koei Tecmo Europe recently asked fans, how important it is, to also release the Vita version of Nights of Azure in the west. Of course the results were clear, as major parts of the target niche of that game are bundled in the Vita owners.


But there are always people who don’t like handhelds. One of them commented with the statement, that he’s not getting the allure of a PS Vita release, if you can have the obviously better PS4 version. I answered with a few reasons. As the reception of of my answer, by other commentators was quite good, I wanted to share it here, not only for Nights of Azure, but in general:

  1. The price. PS4 games are way more pricey.
  2. Simply the option and/or cross-buy. If it’s technically possible, why wouldn’t I want to simply be able to play my games on both systems?
  3. I don’t have enough time to play everything on my console. If I am at home, I typically prefer to play triple A games on my TV. But when I commute to work by train, I have plenty of time to kill with more niche games, I would never have tried on a console
  4. Portability. Well, this should have been the first reason.
    4.5: Playing the games in bed
  5. More games. People always say, the Vita haz no gamez, which is entirely wrong, to begin with. At the moment, it was 1210 games and most games get localized, which is something most other consoles can only dream of. But it’s always fun to prove those people wrong with even more games.
  6. PS4 is nice. But the Vitas OS is still faster and better and multi-tasking.
  7. I always prefer to buy my games on Vita, as I can still play them on the TV via my PS TV. But the other way around it’s only possible with remote-play, which is limited to WiFi and has lags.

And I didn’t even mention Persona 4 golden.

Sadly, my Vita is broken at the moment. But I will definitively get a new one as soon as possible.

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