Xenosaga Episode I and III are two really, really great games. Two of my favorite games of all time. Sadly, I find playing Episode II quite painful. So I created a series of edited episodes of the events in Episode II.

Here is part 2:

Here is part 3:

Here is part 4:

Here is part 5 (latest):

What did I exactly edit:

  • removed all scenes, that aren’t too important (in my opinion)
  • cut the dialog to be faster and more smooth
  • added a wiggly camera to match the more modern style of Episode III
  • added lens flare and lens dirt effects for a more modern (J. J. Abrams for better or worse) style ;D
  • used emulated HD-material for all that

Please tell me what you think! And if you enjoy it, leave a like or even subscribe for the following episodes.

The other nine future episodes will have a proper intro and outro (like a proper TV show). The intro is about ready, but for the outro I’m thinking about using fan-art. If you did fan-art or know of great fan-art, where you can tell me who to credit, please tell me. I don’t want to use stuff without asking or at least crediting the person.