Maybe some of you were there, when I was devastated by a certain incident, which broke my PS Vita. After getting a new slim one, but always looking back at the broken one for months,I finally fixed it.

At first I was a little skeptical about it, but I actually got a new screen including the touch device for very cheap (I will link the ebay-offer here as a shoutout, as I was really satisfied; sorry, it’s the German E-Bay). Anyway, I tried it out and watched some YouTube videos, which you should absolutely do, if you ever plan to repair such a device yourself. I would never have known how to open those flat tiny ribbon cable without it.

PS Vita innards consist of three cards

So I knew exactly what was waiting for me inside that thing. Interestingly the PS Vita’s innards consist of three cards instead of just one main board.


Separating the screen sticker from the PS Vita casing with heat

The hardest part was, that I needed to separate the screen sticker, which covers the whole front of the plastic casing. To do so, you would normally use a heat pistol or a hairdryer to soften the glue between screen sticker and casing. My wife and I don’t have either. We both have long hair, but believe that a hairdryer harms the hair too much. So instead, she gave me the tip to use the hot steam of a electric kettle (I know, that is a really old one on that picture xD. And that’s one of our cats behind it). She often uses this method, when she’s working on her doll heads.


Screen sticker eventually got off

Eventually, I managed to rip off the old screen. All that was left, was putting the new screen on and reassamble everything.


Charging the PS Vita for the first time after eight months

And damn, was I on a high pitch, when it was charging for the first time after so many months.


PS Vita success

And everything works! Yay. Now I have two Vitas :D. But what bothers me, is...


I have no idea, where those belonged.