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Commuting to work brings a lot of risks and danger with it. Today the arrival at my target train station claimed its first victim: my PS Vita.


It is a launch Vita, so I have owned it for almost four years now and used it on a daily basis. In fact, it is my most used game system of all. It introduced me to series like Persona and Danganronpa, which I am very grateful for. So, yes: it has it’s place in my heart.

The way it fell down was entirely my own fault. I was still sleepy, when i left the train. And when I hurried down the stairway from my platform, it happened. After minimizing Persona 4 Dance and choosing a track to listen, it somehow slipped and fell down. I’m so angry at myself.


Now, I’m left with hundreds of games I desperately want to play and no vita to play them on. I won’t be able to afford one until Christmas.

Have you ever dropped a handheld? Did it survive? Do I have your sympathy, or have I earned that because I treated it badly? Please leave some words, if you have the time, because I have nothing else to do on the train anymore, then reading them.

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