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Bloodborne is one of my five favorite games of all time. Definately of this gen. I spent more than 400 hours in it and became obsessed by its lore. Now it is time for me to share my insight to the world.


Update: While the 23rd episode is out by now, I added English subtitles to the first episode. So, if you’re interested and reading subtitles doesn’t bother you, please give it a try. :)

My friend, who is also a German let’s player on Youtube and Twitch, is a fan of the Souls-games and only knew the first part of Bloodborne. So I asked him, if we want to make an LP out of this: He plays half blind and I guide him and tell stuff about the lore, while we progressingly get more and more insight into the game. When we started, a third friend also joined the hunt and so we are three now.


Unfotunately for most of my readers, this playthough is entirely in German. So I hope you can excuse this. (But if you’relooking for something similar, Youtuber Fungo has got you covered)

The complete playlist of the Let’s Play can be found here. We are currently on episode 20 where we fought Micolash and took prepared some last steps for the DLC. And with episode 21, later today, we will start the DLC: The Old Hunters.

While I don’t want to spoil stuff, that still lies before us or which we cannot know from item descriptions yet, for example, we have finally entered a stage in the game, where I can talk about the lore pretty freely. So that’s a little headsup, if you’re interested in a German source of the games lore.

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